What it Means to You.

Microsoft created the Designed for Surface (DFS) program to test, validate and certify third party products that work optimally with Microsoft Surface Hub. Products that carry the DFS badge have been rigorously tested by Microsoft for fit and construction but also for safety and UL certifications, cable management, anti-glare surfaces and more.

Salamander Designs is proud to have achieved the DFS badge and certification for our FPS Stands and Battery Case which creates a mobile, all-in-one solution. When you buy these products, you are ensured full compatibility, interoperability and safety with Surface Hub solutions.

Surface Hub Mounting Solutions for Every Room

Streamlined mounting solutions featuring low-impact installation with no wall construction or down time, the modular designs support the Surface Hub while securely concealing small electronics, computers and cables. Ideal for every application from entryway and retail digital signage, to training, video conferencing and beyond.

Designed for Surface Innovator of the Year

Electric Lift and Tilt Stand for Surface Hub 3

When Surface Hub 3 launched with a vertical orientation in Fall 2023, the Designed for Surface Innovator of the Year, Salamander Designs, was ready with their elegant Electric Lift and Tilt Stand to support the new portrait mode.

Salamander and Schneider Electric for a Complete Mobile Solution Hub Solution.

Now you can deploy a truly wireless, mobile meeting experience with this fully integrated Surface Hub with APC™ Smart-UPS™ battery system by Schneider Electric™ and Salamander Designs, FPS Electric Lift and Fixed Height Stands.

This all-in-one solution ensures the APC Smart-UPS Charge, a lithium-ion battery system, stays secure as you move the Surface Hub around and make any space a teamwork space. The battery (sold separately) allows mobility for over 100 minutes, so that you stay connected and never lose the creative momentum. The Salamander cover is constructed with the finest quality, laser cut steel and includes a durable steel locking mechanism to ensure long-lasting, secure battery storage.

Secures APC™ Mobile Battery (not included) to Salamander Designs FPS Electric Lift and Fixed Height Stands

Lithium-ion battery system designed to power Microsoft Surface Hub on-the-go for over 100 minutes, so you stay connected regardless of the location.

Signature Teams Room Solutions

ADA Rail System One

ADA compliant detectable barrier that solves protrusion issues caused by wall mounted video displays. Modular system designed for displays 55-86″ with durable, long lasting, brushed stainless steel finish. Easy to install to wall, no floor drilling required.

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