At Salamander, our service goes far beyond a call or an email to support or update you. We have a host of additional services to support your enterprise projects start to finish – and forever after the installation. When you work with our team, you’ll discover the transformative nature of live, human service for design, engineering, project management, and on-time delivery. If you prefer to design things on your own, our state-of-the-art online furniture designer adds to the fun with 3-D design, customization, documentation and quoting. 

360-degree services to supercharge A/V technology deployments: 

Complimentary Design Services

Full in-house design and engineering for technology furniture design and manufacturing 

Support for accurate space planning with full 3-D CAD drawings, specifications and more 

Simple Online Furniture Designers

 Online 3-D Configurator where you can design, preview and order enterprise Arc Tables and Credenzas (ever growing) 

Custom Manufacturing

 Custom products designed, produced and shipped within days or weeks rather than months 

Full Project Management Services

 Complete coordination for on-time delivery 

Post Deployment Support

Lifetime Warranties on most every product with superior support

Fast Lead Times + Shipping

Voted the Best Manufacturer for Shipping and Delivery per commercial integrator Quest for Quality Awards

Get the Salamander Secret Weapon that elevates your every enterprise project 

Better, stronger, faster together. Our team is ready to help you accelerate and maximize every business space design and installation. Most companies are consistently reimagining their standards for interactive spaces with technologies. Often resources, product personalization, availability, delivery and other trades can stall a great project vision. Salamander understands this, so we’ve created a complete suite of services that are available to you. Let our extra set of experienced hands make all the difference to your team, speed and client satisfaction.

Our mission – and passion – is to bring you the highest quality furniture
that’s backed by total Salamander Service