With Salamander | Cisco, you can support a full range of room layouts, sizes and needs with turnkey technology and furniture. Go small, medium, large – even go mobile. These premium, yet simple systems can equip a small foyer up to executive boardrooms and multi-level conference centers—and everything in between.

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Collaborative, Flexible Workspaces with

Cisco’s Mark Miller, Workplace Strategist

Cisco Webex Mounting Solutions

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Solutions to Suit Every Room & Meeting

Salamander is fully Cisco compatible, and we can complement any deployment. From Cisco’s elegant, modern Webex solutions, boards and Quad Cameras, to its one-touch-to-join conferencing, we can help you rapidly deliver a complete communications and furniture solution for instant meetings and conferencing. Thanks to Salamander, cameras are set to exactly the right level at all times, all wires are hidden, and everything in the room blends cohesively and works flawlessly with a touch.

Room Solutions

Cisco Room Kit Mini with Salamander Unifi™ Huddle

Mobile Solutions

Today’s workforce is on-the-go. The need to connect and collaborate at a moment’s notice is critical. Deploying the right communication systems makes every room and everyone in your organization most accessible and productive. Now you can deploy the same high-tech, premium solution to every conference and meeting – whether between managers, mid-size team huddles or full-blown meetings with hundreds attending in different countries.

Electric Lift, Mobile Stands Designed for Cisco Webex Board Pro

Webex Board Pro 55″

Webex Board Pro 75″

Webex Board Pro 75″

Webex Board 70″

Webex Board 85″

Conference Room Cabinet Solutions

Salamander matches Cisco display solutions with designer Mobile Stands, Electric Carts, Credenzas and Huddle Tables that allow you to derive maximum benefit from every technology. We integrate Cisco cameras (of all flavors) and communication devices into our furniture, for turnkey bundles that are faster to deploy and easier to install. All wires, power, USB ports and more, are neatly hidden in stunning Cabinets and Tables – and are never in the way of your people and progress.

Conference Room Solutions

Cisco Room Kit Plus with Quad Camera Salamander Credenza


Your next meeting can be your best with help from Salamander Designs and Cisco. Together, we make workplace collaboration unbeatable. For more information, please contact us. custom@salamanderdesigns.com

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