The format of business meetings has changed and now extends far beyond office walls. The workforce is more dispersed and the need to stay connected and productive is crucial. Salamander has always been on the forefront of designing and delivering adaptable, flexible furniture systems that bring technology and teams together wherever they are. So, if you need to connect people and ideas from home to office, home to home, or office to around the world – we can bring effective solutions to unify your communications, staff and your universe.

Table for one – but connected to 100.

Stay in touch wherever you are.

You’re at a table for one but you’re connected to 100 – or more. Our Huddle@Home solutions help you stay in the loop, even when you’re out of the office. We facilitate video conferencing and virtual meetings and support all major platforms and brands so you can collaborate with quick connect at a moment’s notice.

Times may be challenging but this is easy.

Seamless video conferencing systems.

Our all-in-one video conference technology furniture solutions are fast and easy to install, and you enjoy true custom results. Cameras and monitors can be set at exactly the right location using the mounting hardware provided so it’s easy to share content, keep everyone engaged and feel as if you’re right in the room working together. And everything works perfectly with Zoom, Cisco, Microsoft, Skype and many more platforms.

When things disrupt life, they don’t have to disrupt your home.

At home style technology furniture in days.

Salamander creates turnkey up to custom furniture systems for global brands, so we know exactly what the challenges are, and we have the stylish solutions. Establish an up-to-date home office that’s technology-ready without wall-cutting, rewiring or major construction. Remote, work-from-home furnishings can be made to match your components and décor and are delivered in days instead of weeks.

You’re in the corner office now – at home.

Transform spaces. Empower your team.

It may be the corner of your den instead of a glass-walled building on Madison Avenue, but you can still utilize the latest, state-of-the-art video conferencing experience by deploying Salamander state-of-the-art Huddle@Home solutions. Transform your space, stay connected to colleagues and stay in touch with the whole world right from the comfort of your home office.

Let’s start designing your space now!

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