Design Your Own

Design and demonstrate, in real-time and 3D, all aspects of Salamander Designs’ award-winning Arc Table and Custom Cabinets. Review colors, size, configuration, materials and specifications for turnkey customization.

Solutions to Suit Every Room + Meeting

Our design team matches your high-tech electronics with personalized carts, stands and furniture that allow users to derive maximum benefit of each technology. Roll our mobile carts from room to room—and roll them right into the future with simple upgrades as your technology evolves.

Engineered for Today’s Technology

Salamander not only refreshes your workspace – we transform it. You’ll immediately improve productivity and collaboration. Our premium furniture is engineered to make today’s offices mobile, global and better than ever before.

Low Impact

Quick Connect

ADA Compliant

Low Impact

  • Save time & money with reduced construction and service providers
  • Eliminate wall reinforcement and construction
  • Eliminate black boxes with on board Power Ports
  • Full wire management capability

Easy Quick Connect

  • Support all technology and maximize user engagement
  • Immediately connect laptops & devices
  • Includes retractable cables
  • Simplify with integrated cabinet cameras

ADA Compliant

  • Incorporate every compliance & certification
  • Solve “Protrusion/Operable Part reach limits”

Mobile & Flexible

Retro-fit Friendly

Decor Matching

Mobile & Flexible

  • Maximize space with slim, ergonomic cabinets
  • Deploy on-the-go solutions with Mobile Display Stands

Retro-Fit Friendly & Upgradeable

  • Refresh and re-skin in lieu of replacement
  • Add accessories and features as you grow, for lifetime value

Decor Matching

  • Match existing furniture & decor with custom finishing & footing
  • Choose from a variety of designer styles, materials and sizes

Time for a Technology Refresh?

It’s time for Salamander.


Install conference technology and furniture in days rather than weeks.

With rapid deployment, we help make the most of technology – and your team.

Thinking of adding a new look, display, video conferencing or collaboration technology to your workplace. A refresh is a perfect time to leverage our furniture for every existing or new space.