Designed for unparalleled C-suite meeting experiences and more beautiful spaces

Salamander Designs goes to infinity and beyond with the Infiniti™️ Table series that is exclusively made to provide complete, unmatched video conferences and meeting experiences for executive and leadership boardrooms and spaces. A striking series of 6-to-14-person workplace tables, Infiniti offers innovative, trapezoid shapes made to optimize today’s conferencing so that all participants can be seen, heard and fully engage – no matter where they are located. Featuring museum-quality design and artful styling, there are no other conference tables like these on the market.


Meticulously designed and fabricated, the geometric table shape assures that everyone seated at the table can see, hear and engage as well as be seen, heard and feel fully part of the interaction.


Supported by an exclusive, sculpted steel pedestal base with an extruded aluminum frame system, they can accommodate any unified communications (UC) system and AV technology. The cable infrastructure runs along the entire length of the table, and top to bottom where the pedestal reaches the floor. Yet no one will ever know. The dove gray surface finish is also optimized for video conferencing to reduce glare and keep focus on vital human interaction. Other premium details include a 3-layer edge and sizes to accommodate small to large groups.

  • Extruded aluminum, ladder frame in a satin anodized finish
  • Cable routing from base of front or rear pedestal and fully along the table rail frame from end to end
  • Floor coring for cable up and into the pedestals. Rear pedestal has a cable access panel for management
  • Customize with a choice of single or dual lane microphone cutouts, wire management ports, seamless, easy-connect flip-tops for a complete, highly functional video conference table solution.

Infiniti Table Surfaces + Edges

The tabletop surface color and material has been optimized for video conferencing and offers a visually interesting, yet simple top with a unique 3-layer edge detail.

Natural Oak

Dove Gray

  • Top surface is a matte, fingerprint resistant, high-pressure laminate in a dove gray color approved by Cisco for optimal light reflectivity and coloration.
  • Center in black, solid surface that provides edge protection and detail
  • Bottom edge trim options: Natural Oak or Dove Gray match top surface

Shapes & Sizes

Organic Trapezoidal shape is precision engineered to provide the ideal user experience for video conferencing, no matter where participants are located.

Infiniti™ 6 Seater Meeting Table

10′ Infiniti Meeting Tables, (6 Person)

Overall Size Seats

7’W x 10’L

Infiniti™ 8 Seater Meeting Table

13′ Infiniti Meeting Tables, (8 Person)

Overall Size Seats

7’W x 13’L

Infiniti™ 10 Seater Meeting Table

16′ Infiniti Meeting Tables, (10 Person)

Overall Size Seats

7’W x 16’L

Infiniti™ 12 Seater Meeting Table

18′ Infiniti Meeting Tables, (12 Person)

Overall Size Seats

8’W x 18’L

Infiniti™ 14 Seater Meeting Table

21′ Infiniti Meeting Tables, (14 Person)

Overall Size Seats

8’W x 21’L


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Accommodate 4 to 16 people for every day applications

Unifi Conference Tables are an award-winning complete series of 6 to 16-ft tables that are made for every day and every space meeting use. These are built on an aluminum C-frame design and equipped with an innovative pedestal that allows virtually all wiring, power supplies, A/V components and cables to be hidden yet easily accessible in lift off panels for servicing.


Infiniti Tables may be quickly and easily personalized with your choice of single or dual lane microphone cutouts for high-quality sound, wire management ports, seamless, easy-connect flip-tops and interior accessories for a complete, highly functional video conference and meeting table solution.

Customize with a Salamander, 16×6 cable cubby or specify your own device with a custom cut-in

  • Wire brushes allow cover to close while cables are in use
  • 3 Grounded AC Outlets
  • 6’ Power Cord – Terminated Plug End
  • 2 USB Charging
  • 1 CAT6
  • 1 HDMI Coupler

Multi-port rack mounted Power Distribution Unit with surge protection.

  • 8 Rear Ports, 1 Front Port
  • Maximum Output Current: 15 Amps
  • USA Compatibility
  • Premium quality Furman brand

1-U Rack Rail, 1.75”H

Optional: 1 RU Brackets attach to the frame rails to allow installation of power distribution units or peripherals below table

1 RU Brackets attach to the frame rails to allow installation of power distribution units or peripherals below table.

“An ergonomically, thoughtfully designed meeting space can have a major impact on performance, productivity and team interaction. We set out to create a highly functional, attractive design to solve the present problem of optimum conference table seating arrangement. Our Infiniti Tables give everyone an ideal seat at the table with an equal, elevated opportunity to fully engage.”

– Salvatore Carrabba, Founder and CEO of Salamander Designs


Infiniti has an important heritage that began with Salamander Designs and Cisco working together on the very first table designs. These were made for Cisco’s WebEx Room Panorama to provide a complete, unmatched video conference experience. Discovering great interest and need from our other business customers, A/V integrators and designers, we began producing these tables to satisfy all enterprise configurations and clients. With table sizes to suit 6 to 14 people, there is something for everyone and every modern business.

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