Salamander Webinar Series

How to Adapt to the New Normal and Embrace the Next Gen Workplace.

Want to know what’s happening in the commercial industry and how current conditions are affecting the next gen workplace needs? Our Chris Discotto works with all types of companies, many of which are going through the same challenges and opportunities. Chris has collected and analyzed the information. He will share strategies on how you can move forward and participate.

Give Clients the Best Seat in the House.

Give clients the best seat in the house and ring your cash register every time! Why hang a TV and not suggest comfy seating for the room? Find out about Salamander Seating for Living Rooms, Media Rooms, Dens and Theaters, while understanding what makes our products uniquely different. In just 30 minutes, you’ll find out about Salamander’s rich, passionate history, an overview of our huge array of seating styles and detailed construction, and what makes a higher-end chair worth the money. There isn’t a client you see who doesn’t need some kind of seats, whether a single seat, custom couches or theater row seats. Our experts show you how to quickly configure and deploy, both inexpensive and custom seating.

15 Minutes to learning how AV furniture can enhance every home project.

Spend some time with Salamander to learn exactly how AV Furniture increases your margin and profits and what makes our products uniquely different from the rest. In 15 minutes, you’ll see how to add furniture whenever you specify custom solutions for living rooms, home theaters, media rooms, dens, bedrooms and whole-home systems.

Solve Today’s Real-World Business Challenges with New, Award-Winning Unifi™ Meeting Tables from Salamander

In 15 minutes, learn all about our just-launched next gen tables with unique equipment pedestal design, aluminum structure and antimicrobial surfaces!

Learn how to integrate Salamander Credenzas for rapid video conferencing deployment in 15 minutes

Adaptable Video Conference Solutions are a Must for Next Gen Workspaces!

In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn about Salamander Credenza and how to create custom solutions your clients will love and may add to every spec in the future.

Our experts show you how to create custom credenza solutions your clients will love. You’ll learn new ways to make your customer’s overall look and feel more beautiful, professional, functional and serviceable – for a lifetime.