The Salamander Designs Unifi™ Meeting Tables provide the latest in high-quality, customizable solutions so teams can gather quickly and collaborate more easily.

Designed and built by Salamander, the leading technology furniture company, Unifi Tables provide the latest in table solutions to accommodate today’s modern offices and impromptu meetings.

All designs are easy to specify for rapid deployment and offer innovative solutions to support and manage today’s technology. Ultra simple to install in just minutes, Unifi is built to last and a future-proof design allows technology updates easily.


Accommodate 4 to 16 people 

Unifi Conference Tables are an award-winning complete series of 6 to 16-ft tables built on an aluminum C-frame design and equipped with an innovative pedestal that allows virtually all wiring, power supplies, A/V components and cables to be hidden yet easily accessible in lift off panels for servicing.


Accommodates 2 to 3 people at cafe-height

Since one size doesn’t fit all, the smaller Unifi Huddle Lite accommodates 2 to 3 people at cafe-height and is ideal for a fast-paced environment where people gather often in an impromptu manner. The Unifi Lite offers most all features of the full-size Huddle minus the cabinet and multi-display options.


Ideal for 3 to 5 people seated

Unifi offers choice in camera shelf systems, speaker mounts and universal display mount options (single, dual or none) with adjustable viewing positions for a turnkey video conference solution. A premium-grade storage cabinet features an open back and interior for cable management, plus ability to add cooling systems.