Mobile Carts Accessories –

Ensure You’re Always Ready.

In today’s workplace, we must adapt and be ready for anything. From Tech Shelves that perfectly position cameras and controllers to convenient Retractable Power Cable Reels, we offer all the Accessories to set you up for success. When you press “on” – you’re on!

  • Fully height adjustable, integrated Tech Shelf for cameras and controllers.
  • Speaker Mounts extends out from display to accommodate most center speakers.
  • Wireless Remote Control gives more mobility and flexibility for controlling the electric lift function.
  • Convenient Retractable Power or USB Cable Reel, you’re always on, anytime – anywhere.
  • Storage compartment for rack mounted gear.
  • Rear attaching shelf for laptops and keyboards.


Salamander Carts offerings are plug-and-play with the most popular virtual meeting types and technologies including Cisco Webex, Crestron, Logitech and beyond. With Salamander, video meetings are made easy with turnkey solutions. provide accessible, comfortable and ergonomically correct display, screen and camera positioning that immediately enhances the user experience and improves productivity and mobility.

Cisco Webex Room Kit

Crestron Flex System

Logitech Meetup and Rally Systems

Bolt-On Accessories!

(For Camera & Controllers)

(For Mounting Cameras & Speakers)

Accessories below are compatible only with Electric Stands