Adaptable Solutions That Connect People and Ideas

Education is ever evolving and has experienced even faster changes in recent years. Today schools and colleges want to make the most of every space and technology and include hybrid activity systems that allow for a blend of in-person and remote engagement and learning. Admin, teachers and students must be agile and stay connected.

The secret to success in every learning environment is having flexibility of the setup, technology and people. Salamander Designs has been providing these aspects since the start. We bring the educational and video technology furniture solutions that bring learning to life for all.

In education, distance is now common, and it’s something we are perfectly capable of solving with the right thinking, technology, furniture and display systems. This has been inspiring and fun to implement at Howe, and together with Salamander, we enjoy being at the forefront  for our students.
Lance Ford, 27-year Teacher, Howe Schools Faculty & Zoom Room Educator

Meeting Ever Evolving Educational Needs.

Education continues to change. Does your plan include systems and strategies that can adapt? A major advantage of Salamander furniture is it accommodates most every display screen and meeting platform like Zoom, to speakers, mics and more. And, our furniture can be quickly reconfigured as class needs change, which makes the most of budgets. New larger display? No problem. It can be added right on the existing cabinet, table or stand. Move furniture on mobile wheels and reskin it in the future. Even large spaces such as libraries can be accommodated with all-in-one learning centers with displays, conferencing and one-touch setups that grow and change as your courses and students do.

See a Real-World Success Story – Howe Schools

The American educational system that evolved based on the concept of students always gathering at a central location has changed, perhaps even forever. Today’s classroom is often a hybrid mixture of students who are on campus and students who are learning from home. See how Howe Public Schools took today’s learning to a whole new level.

The Freedom to Move Teaching About.

Remember the older “mobile cart?” Well, that concept still applies! Only today, it’s better. Every session, conference and tech setup can now move from room to room as needed. Our Mobile Carts and Stands are ideal for rooms that need to adjust from group to break out sessions. With the ability to hold oversized flat panels, cameras and speakers, educators can also easily adjust height to accommodate any class, house all electronics and enable anyone on staff to roll them from one room to the next – in minutes. Mobile carts mean learning is always on the go, allowing teachers and students to remain agile, and learning spaces to be dynamic.

Configurations for Custom Spaces.

Our Cabinets can be designed and made to fit virtually every space and application. Choose from custom colors and multiple styles and sizes to suit. These are designed to keep all technology in its place with proper ventilation to enhance the lifetime of the equipment, and personalized shelving and accessories to match every need. With duel, two-faced display cabinets, it’s easy to divide a room and keep people distanced while providing premium-level learning.

Low to No Construction Makes Systems Easy to Embrace

Salamander offers many furniture systems that go in quickly, easily and are ADA compliant. For example, our Strut Wall Stands allow for some of our simplest construction of classrooms with no additional infrastructure and construction costs such as conduit and heavy wall reinforcements. Salamander Unifi Huddle systems are smaller, self-contained tables with video displays and plug ins for easy learning and collaboration. Unifi Huddle products conceal wiring, keeping it tucked safely away from the action.

Uncommon Solutions for Common Areas.

Salamander furniture provides smart options for public areas such as welcome and open gathering spaces. By using our fixed display stands, students can read digital signage, be instantly updated on classrooms available and even see the latest extracurricular activities. Our cabinets provide secure, lockable storage space for video entertainment devices often provided in Student Union recreational areas, while at the same time supporting large monitors for gaming and video viewing.

Let’s start designing your space now!

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