Adaptable Solutions That Connect People and Ideas

Education has changed across the “board” and virtually overnight. It now includes increased distance learning, staggered live schedules and some hybrid activities with a blend of in-person and remote interaction. Admin, teachers and students are dispersed and the need to stay connected is crucial. The secret to success in every learning environment is having flexibility of the setup, technology and people. Salamander Designs has been providing versatile flexibility since the start. We bring the educational and video technology furniture solutions that bring learning to life for all – wherever they may be today, and tomorrow.

Fluid for Flex Spaces.

Schools are using every open space to properly spread out students, even repurposing cafeterias, gyms and libraries. Salamander’s Mobile Carts and Stands are ideal to outfit these areas, with ability to hold oversized displays and flat panels, adjust height on the go, neatly house all electronics and wiring, and enable anyone on staff to roll them from room to room to start sessions with ease.

The Freedom to Move About.

Needs change, and with Salamander Designs, your options can change to match. For example, when more social distancing is required, our stands are easily rolled from space to space and into new configurations. Shared spaces can be easily used and repurposed based on the teacher, class, space and need. Mobile carts mean learning is always on the go, allowing teachers and students to move about as needed, and learning spaced to be dynamic and energizing while maintaining low risk environments.

Thriving through engagement.

Today’s learning setups may have half the students in one place and half at home on rotating schedules. Adapting to this using interactive technologies over platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco are now required. Together with our partners, Salamander delivers turnkey, state-of-the-art learning systems to suit every class and conference – weather across the room, the town or the globe. Our systems allow you to derive maximum benefit from all the technology for today and into future.

Configuring for Custom Areas.

Our Cabinets can be quickly designed and made to fit virtually every space and application. Choose from custom color and multiple styles to match. Small to large, they are designed to keep all the educational technology in its place with proper ventilation and personalized shelving and accessories to suit. With duel, two-faced display cabinets, it’s easy to divide a room and keep people socially distanced while providing premium-level learning.

Meeting Ever Changing Needs.

A major advantage of Salamander furniture is that it can be quickly reconfigured as classes and needs change. Add to, adjust, and reskin in the future. Even large spaces such as cafeterias and libraries can be arranged to be all-in-one learning centers with displays, conferencing and one-touch setups. And, when teaching methods return to a more traditional tenor with more students on campus, the same furniture is still fully useable. No lost investments, despite numerous temporary, intermediary steps.

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