A well-known, global technology solutions provider, Diversified, knew they needed a standardized yet rapidly deployable AV solution to update the AV technology in place throughout a prominent American managed health care insurance company with worldwide locations. The health care company is steeped in an almost 200-year history of serving its customers in an exemplary manner. Their existing system of hanging wall displays and stowing equipment was slow and no longer cost effective. Additionally, it required extensive labor and coordination of trades such as electrical and construction, further driving up costs.


Needless to say, the new solution they sought had to be ADA-compliant and handicap friendly. But the stringent list of requirements didn’t stop there. The client did not want to redo rooms or make extensive changes to the existing room layouts. In short, they sought a solution that worked and blended with what they already had. Furthermore, they wanted to be able to mount displays independent of wall locations for immediate ease-of-use and possible adjustments or changes in the future.

This end customer needed flexibility and ease of ordering—because the solution was intended to be a lasting one, not an interim fix. And they did not want to force employees including AV and IT professionals to undergo extensive training. In a nutshell, they needed a technology partner and furniture supplier who could provide the best solution within these narrow parameters and wanted that supplier to provide the easiest way to order, install, and flexibly rearrange furniture if and when necessary.

We’re able to design and fabricate more quickly and in such a way that the customer doesn’t have to pay expensive engineering costs because of the highly flexible core that we can build on.


Diversified and their end client came to Salamander Designs with a well-considered vision of their needs. They expressly wanted to know how Salamander might supply a standardized-but-flexible design with easy selection for the different options to streamline specifying, ordering and installing. The company explained their basic rollout needs and design ideas for different cabinet options with differing screen sizes and capabilities.


Salamander Designs proposed low profile wall cabinets to support integrated video and audio equipment and provide rack mounted component storage. The basic design was standardized on a single furniture platform to allow multiple hardware options depending on the size of the room or use-case. In addition, and very important, the recommended units allowed each office to select the finishes to match existing décor and custom match existing furniture.

Salamander Designs offered three different core base-line cabinets (55, 70 and 98 inches), all with vertical rack mounts for equipment storage. This arrangement provided great flexibility to modify in future, so if the integrator or end customer ordered a cabinet for a 70-inch monitor, for example, it could be reconfigured onsite in the future to accommodate a larger screen if necessary.


Salamander Designs and in particular their Design Team began creating prototypes of a core system with various simple-to-order SKUs. The original plan started in the fall of 2017 with the initial goal of being ready for easy, quick ordering by the company that December. However, Salamander received an early, unexpected order in November before prototypes were finished. Despite the acceleration of the schedule, Salamander Designs was able to design, build and meet the timeline, and delivered the first piece for Diversified to install in November, all thanks to Salamander’s long experience as a quick-ship, build-to-order, made in USA manufacturer.

“As a technology solutions provider, our success and referrals rely upon delivering high-quality, long-lasting technology solutions that can easily be deployed without extensive training or AV experience. Salamander Designs enabled us to provide the ideal products—while saving time and reducing the final delivered cost.”



All of the customer’s requirements and demands were met in full. The client saved money in the short term and overall because the installation of these new, leading-edge solutions did not require any alteration to the building structure—and no carpenters to remodel rooms or electricians to handle wiring needs. In the final analysis, Diversified and Salamander delivered a beautiful, flexible, stylish design with the built-in ability to easily order and install without training, and upgrade or reconfigure conveniently to meet future needs

Salamander Designs makes the job easier, faster and better. Salamander does all the heavy lifting and provides extensive design services, fabrication and support to commercial AV integration specialists like Diversified.

Collaborating with an experienced, professional team from the beginning to the end of the project allows you peace of mind knowing your investment and ideas are in capable hands. Salamander’s custom capabilities include the ability to manufacture from hand drawings, photos or customer specs; then color match finishes and incorporate a variety of design options that will meet your requirements. Their mission—and their passion—is to engineer, manufacture and deliver the highest quality, long lasting product that exceeds design objectives without compromising design intent.


We offer complete custom manufacturing for all your Technology Furniture needs. Salamanders’ unique integration process takes your equipment & design requirements and produces functional and stylish furniture. The result, custom pieces that ascetically blend form and function into any office environment.