Time and Expense considerations for equipping and configuring meeting spaces with unified communications equipment for every project.

When considering outfitting business and office spaces for improved communications and collaboration, there are many options and conditions to consider to avoid wasting time and expense. In most cases, wall remediation must be performed in affected rooms before mounting video displays. From the perspective of cost and time, consider the following:


This strengthens the wall to support display weight and mount and ensures safety and security that the display will not fall.


Power and Network connections must be relocated (or installed) to locations behind where the display is mounted.

Depending on the building, type and number of displays, geographic location and skilled trades and permits can be required. The cost per room for these two construction procedures can range from $3k-$16k or more.

This means multiple trades must be coordinated for the project. This takes 3-5 weeks or more for room completion. This can disrupt normal office operations and/or require additional project management to ensure all trades are aligned, timed correctly and completed as scheduled.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires any object that protrudes 4” or more from the wall must have something beneath it to allow for cane sweep. This is to prevent injury of the visually impaired.

  • This requirement is satisfied by building the display into the wall at additional cost or using furniture below the display that also could cost thousands more.

When displays are mounted and do not extend more than 4” from the wall, it’s typical to design the displays as floating with no furniture underneath.

  • This necessitates some electronics being overcrowded behind the display—which can cause an unsightly look and impede serviceability resulting in downtime if any component fails.

  • Wall construction cannot be moved to a new room when a room is repurposed, for example moving a team huddle space to a private office.
  • Moving from a single to a dual display can be extremely or even prohibitively expensive.

Both cases above require more wall construction and incur additional expense.


Salamander cabinets are available in a wide variety of finishes plus unlimited custom options ensuring a perfect match to any workplace environment.


Additionally, with multiple trades involved, often there are delays and mix-ups resulting in the incorrect size of conduit or power and AV receptacle locations. This leads to more downtime, more wall construction and even exposed wires which are unattractive and distracting.

Using Salamander Designs products and services to equip and configure meeting spaces with unified communications saves trades, time, money and helps get the job done.

Utilizing Salamander Designs has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars on multimillion-dollar projects. The savings enable us to buy more technology for more rooms in the budget. – JPMC

Whether new construction or retrofitting, Salamander Designs saves great expense and time when deploying technology in conference and meeting spaces as they manufacture adaptable furniture systems that beautifully integrate with unified communications technology. Salamander provides complete room solutions for boutique type up to global standards installations, suitable for new construction, remodeling and temporary setups.

With Salamander, it ’s unnecessary to prep the room for wall remediation to mount video displays. There is no need for additional trade companies for install when using a technology Credenza with a UL Listed integrated mounting system.

Salamander Designs manufactures Cabinets and Credenzas with integrated video mounts for single or dual displays. These range in depth from 12”-30”.

  • The Credenzas are specified per use case and designed for the meeting space environment and all the technology that’s specified for the room.
  • All power and ethernet connectivity can be at the standard 18” locations; all connections run from the cabinet behind a modesty panel to the display(s) mounted on the Salamander-provided display mount and all wiring and other aspects are neatly hidden from sight.

Quickeasy installation and service – usually a two-man crew in less than a day

Easily moved systems that can be changed in the future

Cabinets to be adapted onsite to support more displays or changes upon arrival

Matching aesthetics in office décor that can be redone to match future changes

Matching aesthetics in office décor that can be redone to match future changes

Shorter deployment, from 1-4 weeks to 1 business day with a single trade

Lifetime value-retrofittable for new technology standards and new use cases

Need help designing a cabinet solution to support your technology?