Then and Now in Enterprise Systems.

State-of-the-Art Enterprise Furniture Circa 1950

State-of-the-Art Enterprise Furniture Circa 2020

It took decades for the traditional office to evolve. The chalk board disappeared first, then the 3-foot-square-sized computers faded into a fond distance. Big binders and paper were then moved aside in favor of sleek 12-inch laptops, tablets and digital files. And today? Oh, wow. Everyone is connecting and meeting online via Zoom. They sit dispersed all over, from home to office to the coffee shop. As such, everyone in the chain must have the latest tools for immediate connection, enhanced engagement and improved productivity.

As Business Transforms, So Must We.

Over the past decade, companies like Salamander Designs and Vivo Technologies recognized the necessity to facilitate and maximize the ability of modern businesses to leverage high quality audio, video and collaboration capabilities to excel engagement and productivity.

Suddenly in 2020, the business office has progressed at a much faster rate for obvious reasons. There are more inputs coming from multiple locations, and the need for plug-and-play solutions and to work better together from anywhere is critical. Many meetings are screen-to-screen instead of face-to-face, so ‘collaboration’ is the most important concept for 2020 and beyond. Particularly if some businesses do not send staff back to the traditional office spaces indefinitely. Everyone has had to rethink their approach for safety and connectivity.

VIVO Helps Make What’s Next More Natural.

The team at Vivo Technologies are experts in unified communications and cybersecurity so their clients don’t have to be. And they’ve partnered with the top manufacturers across the technology industry, ensuring better experiences, and that your investment will scale while your organization grows.

Partners like Salamander Designs, for example.

Collaborate with the Collaboration Experts.

Spencer Jones, title?, explains why Vivo Technologies has decided to display Salamander Designs technology-ready cabinets, huddle tables and other A/V furniture with their commercial products:

“The Salamander Designs products are the highlight of our office,” he said. “Salamander’s ergonomic pieces help produce a refined and modern look to our spaces. They also enable our employees to connect and collaborate more efficiently, which is one of the biggest priorities for our organization.”

“Salamander products – beautiful, cost effective, and practical office furniture – are also so customizable,” he continued. “Vivo is proud to be a partner of Salamander Designs; we’re excited for what we will be able to do for our customers with Salamander products now in our portfolio.”

Whether your company consists of a small group of local employees, or if you have hundreds of team members spread out around the globe, you can facilitate enhanced human interaction, discussions and virtual conferencing by utilizing the many new tools offered by Vivo Technologies and Salamander Designs.

Room or Zoom?

One of the best parts is that when the world relaxes and more meetings or classes are held in a room instead of on Zoom, your investment in Salamander furniture will still be just as valuable. Regardless of what the future brings, organizations will have migrated to more flexible workspaces and making the most of their rooms and technologies. Salamander Credenzas, Unifi™ Huddle Tables, Carts and Stands will continue to provide sophisticated solutions with all wires and unnecessary parts out of sight. And these state-of-the-art systems can be easily rolled from room to room – right into the future.

The Pro Consultant Is Central.

These hybrid work plans will bring more need for the technology designer, IT staff and AV integrator. While our mutual solutions with Vivo are optimized to work together, there is an ideal system for every location and customer. Enterprises finally had most technology working, but now we are layering on additional controls, displays and other tech for connection to save time, while making the most of every moment. This will take the pros to help advise and outfit end clients with the best solution for their application. And that opportunity starts now.

Prepare for Today’s Places and Spaces.

Ready to collaborate with us?

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