Salamander Designs Introduces Motorized FPS Series Display Stands for Interactive Touchscreens such as Microsoft Surface Hub™

With Microsoft’s Launch of the Surface Hub, we got to thinking how technology has advanced for the office space, especially in the last twenty years. We’re very proud to be a part of the advancement and introduce the FPS Series display stands for interactive touchscreen products such as the Microsoft Surface Hub and other interactive displays.

Our FPS Series is versatile, convenient and innovative to maximize communications and collaborative functionality for interactive touchscreen users. It’s currently available in two versatile form factors; mobile stands for easy portability and a low-profile wall-mounted solution, each providing precise motorized control of screen height.Some models offer the capacity to control tilt angle of the display as well when desired. Salamander FPS models have been engineered to provide optimized, ergonomically correct positions for working, drafting, collaborating or presenting while using an interactive touchscreen. The extended range of motion from highest to lowest position, offered exclusively on FPS stands, is useful to achieve ADA compliance and the best possible user experience for collaborators. When fully extended, viewing position is optimized for unimpeded visibility to large audiences. FPS Series products are robust, designed to accommodate monitors from 42 to 90-inches in size with a weight capacity up to 300 lbs. Salamander FPS stands are best-in-class products made in USA.

FPS Motorized, Mobile StandsThe Salamander FPS Series Mobile Stands are the ultimate evolution of the A/V cart, utilizing furniture-grade finishes in a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and wood panels, heavy duty casters for easy mobility and a premium-grade electric lift infrastructure and components derived from the healthcare industry. Available in three models to ideally accommodate each specific touchscreen, Salamander FPS Series products also place an emphasis on style, with compact designs that move easily between spaces, accommodations for wire management and options such as rack-mount equipment storage, retractable cable reel, a wireless remote and a rear-attaching shelf for keyboards or other peripherals.

FPS Motorized, Wall StandThe Salamander FPS Wall Stand provides a low-profile wall-mounted solution for your interactive touchscreen, delivering the same precise motorized control of screen height offered on the mobile stands. The FPS Wall Stand features a sleek, low-profile design that conceals all equipment and cabling. The base of the stand rests on the floor and is secured to the wall, capable of supporting the 55-inch Microsoft Surface Hub as well as flat panel displays from 32 to 90-inches and up to 175 lbs. in weight.

As technology continues to change the way we work, we anticipate a steady increase in the adoption of interactive touchscreens, and Salamander’s durable, fully adjustable FPS series products are the ideal solution to maximize the effectiveness of these powerful tools in any setting.