An international retail client behind one of the world’s most famous brands in fashion—whose name must remain secret—needed an extreme makeover to their AV conference/presentation room and they needed it fast Their requirements demanded that the room could be fully reconfigured on extremely short notice and 100% maintained onsite by their team.

The new design had to be as fresh and exciting as their brand and had to be completed within five weeks—from initial consultation to ribbon cutting. And, oh yes—there was a support column near the center of the room. The monitors, cameras, microphone and live presentations had to be visible to all 44 room occupants at all times—without craning their necks.Clearly, this was not a situation where off-the-shelf products could be deployed. So, they sought professional help from the Design Services Team at Salamander Designs.


“The customer came to us with a vision and an idea,” said Sal Carrabba, founder of Salamander Designs, “and our Design Services Team was able to collaborate with them to deliver upon their vision due to our very flexible furniture systems.”

“Because of Salamander’s modular, systems approach to furniture design, we were able to move quickly on the idea and deliver a very high-quality, custom solution in short order to satisfy the customer.”

The solution includes a stylish four cabinet, custom configuration arranged at the center of the room, each cabinet supporting two monitors and a camera. They met the goal of assuring that all participants, regardless of their height or position in the room, could see the displays comfortably and easily. Salamander started by studying the employee work habits, so no adjustment to monitor locations or angles would be necessary to allow every room occupant to participate.

Salamander Designs was able to leverage their renowned systems approach that makes a unique, one-off, 100% custom solution possible. Sal continued, “We are able to design and fabricate—right here in Connecticut—and do it more quickly and in such a way that the customer doesn’t have to pay for expensive engineering costs because of the highly flexible core that we can build on.”

We’re able to design and fabricate more quickly and in such a way that the customer doesn’t have to pay expensive engineering costs because of the highly flexible core that we can build on.


Salamander Designs has the unique ability to look at all technical requirements, analyze and figure solutions with custom real-world renderings in house via their Design Services Team. They are able to develop solutions that are fully functional to meet all requirements, but also are gorgeous, aesthetic pieces that will stand the test of time.


Everything Salamander builds is modular, re-configurable and flexible. For this reason, the customer was satisfied and everyone one of their expectations was met fully. In fact, Salamander finished ahead of schedule, even being ready to ship before client was ready to receive. How often does that happen with ordinary suppliers?


Whether working with high profile Fortune 100 corporations or providing design services, fabrication and support to commercial AV integrators, Salamander Designs makes the job easier, faster and better. Salamander does all of the heavy lifting to support the AV integration specialist.

Collaborating with an experienced, professional team from the beginning to the end of the project allows you peace of mind knowing your investment and ideas are in capable hands. Salamander’s custom capabilities include the ability to manufacture from hand drawings, photos or customer specs; then color match finishes and incorporate a variety of design options that will meet your requirements. Their mission—and their passion—is to engineer, manufacture and deliver the highest quality, long lasting product that exceeds design objectives without compromising design intent.

“The client stated we did a fantastic job for them and they were particularly impressed we were able to work around the challenging column in the center of the room. We were able to deliver a fully-customized solution sooner than we expected thanks to our in-house design and delivery services.”



We offer complete custom manufacturing for all your Technology Furniture needs. Salamanders’ unique integration process takes your equipment & design requirements and produces functional and stylish furniture. The result, custom pieces that ascetically blend form and function into any office environment.