Design Rooms for Today’s Meeting Equity and Adaptability

As the workplace continue to undergo major transformations, design for conference and meeting rooms is focused on bringing people and technology together in ways that foster more natural, equal collaboration and interaction, no matter where they’re located. This Salamander Designs course explores the many factors that must be considered before designing the ideal meeting space. We’ll delve into how rooms are used and the best approach for different room sizes, technologies and number and location of people included in order to optimize space and participation. From the right kind of lighting and acoustics, to positioning of screens and mics you’ll leave understanding today’s best practices for space designs and furniture systems that maximize teams, technology, productivity and inclusivity.  


  • Design optimized workplace technology, furniture and space solutions that meet today’s hybrid requirements.
  • Deliver systems that immediately enhance meeting equity for all participants for enriching experiences.
  • Easily retrofit existing rooms and technology to adapt to today’s business requirements.
  • Instill confidence and prioritize human interaction with turnkey furniture solutions that accommodate any room size and configuration.
  • Design future proof rooms that are less wasteful and adaptable for the future as our world continues to evolve.  

.5 AIA/CES Learning Units