“In the new economy where knowledge and experience are highly valued, immediacy information and innovation are the most highly prized currency.” (Kroll Workplace Research, 2016- Immersive Planning report from Research to Realization: An Experience-Based Workplace.)

At Salamander Designs we have used our knowledge and over 25 years of experience to provide AV/IT furniture solutions.

Innovation – We build furniture and accessories anticipating change: providing solutions. We have also partnered with several Fortune 100 companies delivering outstanding innovative solutions, such as a customized cabinet housing the new Sony, Ultra Short Throw projector. Sony Stand (1-N20).

Information – We are here at ISE 2017 to learn more about your needs, challenges, ideas, and problems.

Immediacy – Stop by today and see us at Stand (1-Q63).

Can’t stop by, contact us out custom@salamanderdesigns.com.